Special Care Ministries

Faith Sustainers Widow(er) Ministries:

This ministry is personal and dear. Simply put, The Lord began setting certain encounter patterns in my life over the past two years. He had strategically placed widows in my life at a time when He was teaching about how He sustains and remembers His people. Now, with joy, I have began to develop great relationships with these widows and widowers. I have the pleasure to care for them in prayer and with gifts of love. I feel that through the Lord, they are in my care. They are truly a blessing to me.

Angel Wings Care Ministry:

Out of pain and loss of a loved one, my wife began to cook a simple appetizer for those grieving. Then from there, the Lord further encouraged her to continue to serve her homemade soup, pizza rolls, and pumpkin loaf bread to those loved ones that are grieving, to the sick, or shut-in. As she is preparing, prayer and blessings are spoken over these goodies for the soul and body.

Prayer & Care:
If you or a loved needs prayer, communion, or visitation, contact us at stwrnservants@gmail.com

God Bless,

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